How Afghanistan Has Become Another Notch in China’s Belt

Our disastrous withdrawal paved the way for a partnership between the Taliban and Xi Jinping’s regime.

Controlled Chaos

Biden’s response to the border crisis is more about messaging than looking for an actual policy solution.

Tuesday’s Make-or-Break Debt Limit Meeting

Deadline pressure is mounting for Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden to work out a deal.

Biden Withholds Weapons That Could Help Ukraine Win the War

Cluster munitions are controversial, but the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

Jive Turkey

Elon Musk’s unseriousness about free speech laid bare.

Emperor Malarkey I

The president doesn’t just get to bark orders at Congress.

The Expiration of Title 42

The migrant surge came early.

Can the CIA Fix Its Workplace Sexual Violence Problem?

The agency has taken steps to address its mishandling of assault claims, but it warrants independent scrutiny.

Blind Oversight

James Comer is trying very hard to tie the president to the investigation of Hunter Biden.

The Old Deal

Zombie New Dealers to the left of me and the right.


The end of Title 42 may be an inflection point in Biden’s presidency.

Could the Hunter Biden Probe Prompt New Ethics Legislation?

Some Senate Democrats are open to it.

The GOP Takes an Immigration Victory Lap

House Republicans pass their border bill despite intraparty drama.

Microsoft Issues Warning About Chinese AI That Microsoft Helped Create

The company’s China outpost has trained scientists who’ve gone on to work for top surveillance companies.

Our China Self-Own

Failing to improve our immigration policy gives our biggest competitor a leg up on skilled labor.

Death of a Talking Point

Returning to the tax policies of the 1950s would make our deficits worse.