Is It Time to Give Up on the United Nations?

The U.S. spends billions propping up the compromised and mostly useless international organization.

Congress Avoids a Shutdown … For Now

The House and Senate pass another laddered continuing resolution to fund the government until early March.

School Absenteeism Isn’t Going Anywhere

After skyrocketing during the pandemic, absence levels still haven’t returned to normal.

It’s Time to Put Social Security, Medicare, and Taxes on the Table

Republicans can avert a debt crisis, but only once they’ve faced some harsh truths.

On ‘Making Things’

Promoting manufacturing isn’t as simple (or desirable) as it might sound.

Congress Moves to Expand the Child Tax Credit

The bipartisan sponsors hope to pass the measure before tax season.

Biden—Finally—Responds to Houthi Aggression

In doing so, the president exposed rank hypocrisy from the right and the left.

Why Iraq Is Calling for the Withdrawal of U.S. Forces

And why that might actually make sense.

Surrogacy Is Good for Women and Good for Families

Concerns about the practice unite some on the left and right, but the opposition ignores the benefits to women and society.

What If There Is No Low-Hanging Economic Fruit? 

The myth of the president-as-rainmaker.

Standing Beside History, Yelling ‘Go!’

Part economic history, part techno-optimist manifesto, a new book envisions a conservative embrace of technology’s upsides. Can it happen?

Some of My Big 2024 Questions

Will we avoid a recession? Will China’s recovery continue to fizzle? Is this the year for AI? And more.

Another Year, Another Congressional Funding Deal

A tentative compromise to keep the government running comes down to the wire.

Japanic! at the Steelco

U.S. Steel gives American protectionists just what they wanted … good and hard.

The Copyright Expiration Free-for-All

A look at the legal oddity known as Public Domain Day.

New Year, New Economic Forecast

Economists and everyday Americans try to make heads or tails of the economy.