No Brief Today

Dear readers,

Between business travel and a significant dental appointment yesterday (Thursday), I’m afraid I’ve been in no shape to write this week’s brief. I’m currently drafting this apology hopped-up on painkillers and the leprechaun riding a unicycle in my study is proving to be a very real distraction.

In lieu of this week’s newsletter, may I point you to my recent conversation with Jigsaw Founder and CEO Jared Cohen? If you haven’t listened to it already, It’s a great podcast and it’s free for everyone.

The Kitchen Sync
Putting The Pieces Together
Listen now (71 min) | How can the US level the playing field in its tech competition with China? What role does the private sector need to play, and what is Google’s Jigsaw up to? Is public discourse as polarized in America as it seems? I discusses these questions and more in a wide-ranging conversation with Jared Cohen…
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Ok, now the leprechaun is messing with the dogs. I gotta run!


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