A Conversation With Dr. Russell Moore

As part of The Dispatch’s What’s Next event on the future of the GOP, David interviewed Dr. Russell Moore, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission. 

“The differences between the evangelical constituency that we see now and what may be seen in the future is not so much that one’s left and one’s right,” Dr. Russell Moore tells David, in reference to generational rifts among evangelicals. “It’s a different mentality towards politics altogether.” In a conversation about the congregation’s role in shaping American public life, the two discuss the political preferences of evangelicals past and present. What remains clear after the 2020 election: White evangelicals disproportionately favor the Republican Party, while Latino and black evangelicals trend left. But fortunately—generational, racial, and political divisions within the church are not nearly as irreconcilable as social media interactions would lead outsiders to believe.

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