Kyrsten Sinema, the Senator of the Exhausted Majority?

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(Photograph by Mandel Ngan/Getty Images.)

The most interesting thing you’re going to read this week (outside of everything on The Dispatch, of course) is in the New York Times. It’s by Michelle Cottle, and it takes a deep dive into the mind and motivations of Kyrsten Sinema, the senior senator from Arizona. Democratic activists just might dislike Sinema more than any other Democrat in America. Yes, they have frustrations with Joe Manchin, but many of them seem to positively loathe Sinema. 

Sensible Democrats know that Manchin faces one of the most difficult challenges in American politics. How does a Democrat hold a Senate seat in one of the nation’s most Republican states? But Arizona seems different. It’s drifting purple, and its junior senator, at least so far, seems to be a much more reliable vote. Sinema? She marches to the beat of her own drummer.

Remember her vote against a $15 minimum wage? Instead of simply saying “No,” she did this:

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