The Morning Dispatch: Town Hall Split-Screen

Happy Friday! We hope you’re as excited for our post-election event as we are. In the meantime, on to the news!

Quick Hits: Today’s Top Stories

  • The United States confirmed 65,600 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday per the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Dashboard, with 6.5 percent of the 1,011,416 tests reported coming back positive. An additional 1,020 deaths were attributed to the virus on Thursday, bringing the pandemic’s American death toll to 217,754.

  • The number of Americans living in poverty has grown by 6 to 8 million since May, according to two new reports. The CARES Act—passed in March—temporarily lifted millions out of poverty, but most of its benefits expired months ago.

  • The Trump administration rejected California’s request for a disaster declaration in response to six wildfires raging across the state. Gov. Gavin Newsom had requested financial assistance from the federal government in a letter on September 28.

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