The Sweep: Why So Many GOP Governors Are Facing Primary Challenges

Thank you for being part of this grand experiment in journalism that we’re embarked upon at The Dispatch. Our stated mission is to “engage citizens with fact-based reporting and commentary on politics, policy and culture—informed by conservative principles.” And that’s certainly what we’ve tried to offer you here at The Sweep, but that doesn’t capture the community that you have built for us all. Every week, I love diving into the comments section with our members where people disagree with curiosity and good faith and, dare I say, joy. What else can I say? Y’all make an engaged citizenry look good.

This will be our last Sweep of the year, but we’ve got some exciting new plans for 2022. First, this newsletter will move to twice a week as the midterms heat up! The first one will look familiar to you–campaign quick hits, plus deep dives on races or data that we’ve seen. The second installment will come directly from the desk of Chris Stirewalt—his thoughts, feelings, and wisdom on what he’s seeing across the political tundra. 

And since we are broadening our reporting and analysis, we’re also going to reband this as The Dispatch Politics with The Sweep at the start of the week and Chris’ Cornucopia toward the end. Just kidding, it’ll be called Chromodynamics With Chris. That doesn’t sound right either. We’ll just have to wait until 2022 to find out. 

Now back to it…

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