May 14 • 1HR 7M

It’s No Game

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Haunted by the wailings of a local fox, Jonah brings an elevated degree of curmudgeonliness to today’s wide-ranging Ruminant. After offering some further thoughts on the hyper-politicization of American society and the erosion of institutions, Jonah turns to abortion, dispelling a few common myths and outlining what post-Roe law should look like. He also explores inflation, the ongoing Ukraine conflict, and what separates a eulogy from a resume. Plus, tune in for more details on the Remnant’s upcoming 500th episode extravaganza.

Show Notes:

- The Remnant with Yuval Levin

- WeRateDogs

- Washington Post journalists prove Yuval and Jonah’s point

- Jonah explains his abortion views

- The New Republic blasts Justice Alito

- The Wednesday G-File

- Midge Decter, R.I.P.

- Biden’s recent inflation speech

- The Wall Street Journal on the looming battle in eastern Ukraine