Jul 27 • 1HR 3M

Secret Agent Klon

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Klon Kitchen returns to the Remnant for another round of vigorous wonkery on all things national security. This time, he’s primarily concerned with the threat of Chinese espionage and the prospect of a geopolitical confrontation between China and the U.S. But he also has thoughts on the Ukraine conflict, the morality of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, and the nature of quantum computing. Plus, tune in to hear his case for why you should delete TikTok.

Show Notes:

- Klon’s page at AEI

- The Current, Klon’s Dispatch newsletter

- CNN’s Huawei exclusive

- Klon: “Ban TikTok Now”

- China’s “thousand grains of sand” approach to intelligence collection

- Klon: “When the Chips Are Down”

- Last weekend’s Ruminant

- Klon: “Quantum Q&A”