Monday Brief for 21 June, 2021

Tech Terms

Simplex (sim·plex)a type of communication in which data can only be transmitted in one direction. It is often used in contrast to duplex communication, in which data can flow bidirectionally (back and forth) between two devices.

Cyber Deterrence Must Be More Than Words

What’s New: Last week’s summit between President Biden and Russian President Putin included “clear” and “productive” talks about cybersecurity and establishing “rules of the road” for online espionage.

Why This Matters: A number of high-profile cyber operations — including the recent SolarWinds supply chain hack and the ransomware attack against the Colonial oil pipeline — have been attributed to the Russian government or actors who enjoy tacit approval by Moscow. The Biden administration says Russia needs to change its cyber ways and has publicly stated that the U.S. is stepping up its deterrence efforts.

Key Points:

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