Bundle of Sticks

We’ve got a lot more first rate Supreme Court analysis for you in today’s pod. David and Sarah break down the most recent cert grant announcements and the court’s refusal to hear some contentious cases involving interstate conflict, transgender bathroom access, and marijuana. They then dive into the Supreme Court’s opinion in Lombardo v. City of St. Louis, which asked a lower court to reevaluate whether police used excessive force in kneeling on the back of a handcuffed suspect who later died. Also, Sarah gives her thoughts on Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid, a property law dispute involving union recruiting that divided the Supreme Court along even ideological lines. Finally, David and Sarah discuss a heated confrontation at the 5th Circuit about a case involving police officers who tased a person soaked in gasoline and set him on fire.

Show Notes:

Thomas statement on federal marijuana laws

John Lombardo v. City of St. Louis, Missouri

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