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What's Mine is Mine
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What’s Mine is Mine

The hot topic of Section 230 is sizzling out.

Judgmental looks. Angry scoffs and murmurs. Maybe even kicks at your back. All because you dared to recline your airplane seat. But isn’t it your right to recline? Sarah and David charge into this heated — and ever urgent — legal question about ownership with Michael Heller, Professor of Real Estate Law at Columbia Law School, and James Salzman, Professor of Environmental Law at UCLA Law School, about their bookMine!: How the Hidden Rules of Ownership Control Our Lives. But first: SCOTUS updates and the disappointing sizzle of the anticipated Section 230 case.

Show Notes:

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Sarah Isgur is a senior editor at The Dispatch and is based in northern Virginia. Prior to joining the company in 2019, she had worked in every branch of the federal government and on three presidential campaigns. When Sarah is not hosting podcasts or writing newsletters, she’s probably sending uplifting stories about spiders to Jonah, who only pretends to love all animals.

David French is a columnist for the New York Times. He’s a former senior editor of The Dispatch. He’s the author most recently of Divided We Fall: America's Secession Threat and How to Restore Our Nation.