You Must Have Misunderstood Law

Trump’s legal drama — Judge Cannon returns! Ken Paxton opines! Fraud alleged! — will be discussed at last… But first, Sarah and David preview what promises to be a spicy term for the Supreme Court (with not one, but two Section 230 cases!). They then pass through a culture war cul-de-sac via Judge James Ho’s clerkship boycott of Yale law students, and conclude with a tribute to Judge Laurence Silberman. 

Plus: the committed listener will learn the truth about how Sarah ended up in The Federalist Society.

Show Notes:

David’s amicus brief

Twitter at the Supreme Court

Ken Paxton’s amici for Fulton County v. Lindsey Graham

David Lat on Ho v. Yale reactions

Josh Blackman supporting on Yale Law sellouts

Laurence Silberman’s WSJ obit

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