100 Days of War in Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine started almost 100 days ago. Our hosts are here to discuss the latest from the war and America’s role. Sarah, Steve, Jonah, and David then turn to the gun debate at home: Will mass shootings in recent weeks produce different political results than past tragedies? Finally they preview next week’s January 6 hearings on Capitol Hill.

Show Notes:

French Press: “The Tide Is Turning Toward Russia”

The Dispatch: “​​A Marshall Plan for Ukraine?”

TMD: “100 Days of War in Ukraine”

New York Times: “Voters Say They Want Gun Control. Their Votes Say Something Different.”

New York Times: “A Timeline of Failed Attempts to Address U.S. Gun Violence”

RAND: “​​How Gun Policies Affect Mass Shootings”

RAND: “Facts About the Effects of Gun Policies Are Elusive but Important”

The Reload: “NRA Revenue Dropped $47 Million in 2021, Down $130 Million From Just 3 Years Prior”

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