Coronavirus, Variants, and Vaccines

We heard from many of you that you are having trouble persuading people close to you to take the COVID vaccine. You wished there was something you could pass along to people with the actual facts about the vaccine, not scary myths about why a person should not get it. You asked, and we listened. Former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden joined Sarah and Andrew Egger (subbing in for Steve) to discuss all things vaccine related. Not only is Frieden an expert on the COVID vaccines, but also on listening to those who are concerned about taking it and trying to give them the scientific facts that support getting the shot. As he says, “Effective communication starts with listening. … I understand your concern, but I’ll share with you some information that may be helpful to you.”

Show Notes:

Dr. Frieden’s bio

Resolve to Save Lives website 

Pew Research polling on who would get the vaccine 

Frank Luntz focus group with Dr. Frieden 

Impact COVID has had on the flu

Dr. Frieden’s guide to a bike trip with his son

VaccineFinder from CDC’s website

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