Texas Governor Fights Vaccine Mandates

To quote the great Ozzy Osbourne, “We’re going off the rails on the crazy train.” In today’s podcast, our hosts look at Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s ban on vaccine mandates, the DOJ memo aimed at school boards, an update to the January 6 committee, and President Biden’s slumping numbers among independents. And finally, what does all of this mean for 2022 and (even though it’s way too early) 2024?

Show Notes:

Abbott says businesses control their merchandise

Abbott says businesses cannot control who is vaccinated in their store

Merrick Garland letter

National School Board Association letter

McAuliffe: “I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach.”

Tragic homicide story over vaccines in Maryland

Daily Wire Loudoun County story

“We Came So Close to Disaster” – French Press

Eastman Memo: “It’s Real and It’s Not Spectacular” – Advisory Opinions

Bill Kristol and William Baude

The Sweep on Biden’s polling struggles

Ezra Klein and David Shor

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