The Double-Hater Voter

Sarah, Jonah, Steve, and Mike dive into the latest punditry—Ohio’s primary, Trump’s trials, and the Middle East—before veering off into an Abraham Lincoln and 1619 Project cul-de-sac.

The Agenda:
—Bernie Moreno wipes the floor
—Jonah pushes back on reveries of self-congratulation
—Who are the double-haters in the 2024 election?
—An update on Trump trials
—The worst “win” you can have as a prosecutor
—Sen. Chuck Schumer’s speech on Israel
—Abraham Lincoln, worth our time
—Happy birthday Jonah!

Show Notes:
The Collision on Fani Willis
Original Jurisdiction on Judge Aileen Cannon’s clerks quitting
The Remnant with Allen Guelzo

Lincoln’s second inaugural address

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