The Politics of Israel and the Palestinians

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has yet to cool down, but the rhetoric around the ongoing skirmish is heating up in the U.S. The gang talks about the pressure on Biden to help with the situation abroad. Plus, it seems as though a commission to look at the events at the U.S. Capitol on January 6 might not be getting much GOP support, if any at all. Sarah, Steve, David, and Jonah try to figure out who is to blame for that. David educates everyone on the abortion case the Supreme Court will be hearing, and the gang discusses the debate over the origins of COVID-19. 

Show Notes:

DNC boos Israel language

January 6 was just a “normal tourist day”

Pictures of Rep. Clyde blocking the doors into the Capitol

Advisory Opinions on SCOTUS abortion case

Historic polling on abortion – Gallup

How Abortion Views Are Different – David Leonhardt 

Origins of Covid – Following the Clues

Josh Rogin’s Twitter

Don McNeil’s Lab Leak Story

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