Elephant Training in Saskatchewan

Rank punditry and eggheadery dominate the docket today as Matt Continetti joins Jonah on a mournfully swampy day in D.C. From Biden huddling in his basement to William F. Buckley Jr. naming his boat “Splendid Isolation,” the guys go backward from politics today to politics yesterday in a convention of nerd-dom, spiced up by mentions of Klingon weddings and Dungeons and Dragons.

Show Notes:

Andy Kessler’s WSJ piece on June 1 being Trump’s official downfall date

Nate Cohn on a tiny but influential portion of American voters

A squirrel with bubonic plague in Colorado

Chris Wallace interviews Trump (transcript)

In which Jonah references Albert Jay Nock’s preference to living in Belgium over the United States

Conor Friedersdorf’s list of conservatives to follow on Twitter, scroll for associated bashing and criticism

Conservatism as an Ideology, by Samuel P. Huntington

What is Conservatism?

George Nash:

Bob Novak’s The Prince of Darkness

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