He Ain’t Heavy, He’s Brother George

If the Remnant has a failing, it’s that, in almost 700 episodes of relentlessly nerdy conversation, Robert P. George hasn’t once appeared on the program. Today, Jonah rectifies that mistake, inviting the beloved Princeton professor and director of the James Madison Program onto the show to discuss America’s fraying civic bonds, and what we can do to stem the tide of illiberalism. They also provide some uniquely sophisticated punditry on the 2024 election, examine what it takes to build a conservative institution, and clear up some confusion around Robby’s name. Brothers and sisters alike are encouraged to tune in.

Show Notes:

-Watch on YouTube

Dr. George’s webpage

Dr. George: “Universities Shouldn’t Take Political Positions”

Dr. George: “How Universities Can Restore Academic Freedom and Free Speech”

Dr. George’s advice for incoming students

Julien Benda’s The Treason of the Intellectuals

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