This weekend’s Ruminant sees Jonah “feeling particularly Remnant-y,” which means he’s leaned out of the punditry and into the historical eggheadery. That includes the history of the term “Jewish,” (why don’t we just say that someone is “a Jew,” and if you do, why does it sound like a slur?) the history of The Remnant’s title, and more. But at the end of it all, one question remains: Is Jonah a superfluous man?

Show notes:

–      Joe Scarborough was very angry

–      DarkSide is at least somewhat honest

–      Fredo and The Don play footsy

–      Witless ape calls Lou Dobbs

–      Jonah on Guy Benson’s show, about the January 6th commission

–      Jonah talks Marx and antisemitism

–      Wilhelm Marr was yucky (the technical term)

–      Did Hillary Clinton use a Jewish slur? Who even knows?

–      “Isaiah’s Job” by Albert Jay Nock, the origin of The Remnant

–      The “superfluous man”

–      Father Coughlin: anti-Semite, leftist

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