Lives Well Wasted

After a Thanksgiving hiatus, Jonah is back and ready to break open the strategic rank punditry reserve. His guest today is Chris Stirewalt, who’s concerned with only the most important questions of the political moment: Why are Americans terrified of clowns? Is there a better parent than television? And was Pete Buttigieg raised in a refrigerator box? Serious discussion is also mixed in on what we can expect in 2024 and why Build Back Better is the “kitchen junk drawer” of policy proposals. Recent events surrounding a certain cable news network might even be mentioned.

Show Notes:

Profit, the most important show you’ve never seen

Build Back Better’s hypocritical tax cut


Schoolhouse blues

Chris on subsidizing local news

Blind and toothless

Woke Racism, by John McWhorter

The Remnant with Josh Kraushaar

The most interesting man in politics

Why Jonah left Fox News

Chris on digital depredations

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