Money Talks

Dust off your calculators, because beloved economic policy wonk Brian Riedl is back on The Remnant to discuss everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the federal budget, spending, taxes, and deficits. He also touches on the right’s curious lurch toward industrial policy and common good capitalism, and why conservatives and progressives alike can’t resist the prospect of a free lunch. Is the Laffer Curve a force for evil? How progressive is the U.S. tax code? And why is Joe Biden so determined to outspend Mack the Knife? 

Show Notes:

Brian’s page at the Manhattan Institute

Brian’s previous Remnant appearance

Brian’s latest chart book

Simpson-Bowles and the art of budget negotiations

Brian in The Dispatch on taxing the rich

How does the U.S. tax code compare with other countries?

The great Nordic myth

Jack Kemp and tax reform

Al Gore and class warfare

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