Noise Annoys

Cass Sunstein, the Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard and Jonah’s fellow disciple of the dingo, makes an overdue return to the Remnant to discuss his recent book, Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment. Noise, the book argues, is a deadly flaw in human judgment that clouds many of our decisions and produces errors in fields such as medicine, law, and public health. Dr. Sunstein and Jonah examine how noise should be defined, what separates it from bias, and what we can do to fight it. They also explore whether the phenomenon varies across the world, and how terrifying changes in AI and algorithms may affect it.

Show Notes:

Dr. Sunstein’s recent book, Noise

Dr. Sunstein’s other recent book, Sludge

Dr. Sunstein: “Governing by Algorithm? No Noise and (Potentially) Less Bias”

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