Perspicacious Punditry

Jonah finds himself unable to resist the allure of rank punditry on today’s Ruminant. He begins by describing how little he cares about the upcoming midterms before diving into a lengthy rant on that very matter. Next, he tackles the state of Trump’s continued influence on the Republican Party, the ills of the modern legislative process, and the undermining of confidence in elections by both parties. After a brief foray into John Dewey’s “screwed up” view of democracy, Jonah finishes the show with commentary on Putin’s rejection of liberal democratic capitalism, the hypocrisy of his attacks on America, and why Francis Fukuyama was right all along (again).

Show Notes:

Richard Rorty’s Achieving Our Country

Jonah: “Putin’s Dangerous Blend of Propaganda and Hypocrisy”

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