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The days of the 2012 GOP “autopsy” are long behind us. Listen as Jonah ruminates on the struggles of protecting serious conservatism at a time of supreme unreflectiveness among many adherents of the movement as to how it has been led astray. Jonah also expresses his optimism at the revitalized raison d’être of The Dispatch in a post-Trump America. Additionally, Jonah even previews a forthcoming idea that could be of supreme interest to The Remnant’s nerdier factions: “I owe it to readers to do a deep dive… into what Liberal Fascism has to say” about the revanchist populism of the Trumpian right.

Show Notes:

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This week’s G-File

The minimum wage and eugenics

Why are they calling all of Antifa “Biden voters”?

Hunter Baker’s article

Newt Gingrich, with another asinine thing

“Not my president?”

The Wednesday “news”letter

The Remnant with Mo Elleithee

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