Sweet Virginia

Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia has raised plenty of questions: Will Republican candidates in 2022 emulate his style? Has Trump’s grip on the GOP loosened? And where exactly did Terry McAuliffe go wrong? Remnant stalwart Matt Continetti returns today to provide answers and engage in punditry so rank your head may spin. Tune in also for discussion of critical race theory, the future of the conservative movement, and Biden’s faltering presidency. And make sure you have your bingo cards on hand.

Show Notes:

Matt’s page at the Washington Free Beacon

Matt’s previous Remnant appearance

Matt’s upcoming book, The Right

The Morning Dispatch breaks down Youngkin’s win

Frederick Hess: “The Right Way to Reject Critical Race Theory”

A smile and a fleece vest

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial on Youngkin’s victory

The Sean Parnell scandal

The Remnant with George Will

Jonah on the right’s Hungary obsession

“Nobody elected him to be FDR”

Democrats want another candidate on the ballot in 2024

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