The Neo-Whigs

Fellow Dispatcher Declan Garvey joins Jonah on today’s program, wherein they discuss the parallels between the GOP’s current identity crisis and the last time that Americans witnessed a similar party realignment (the Whigs vs. Jacksonian Democrats). The guys discuss the prospects for a theoretically ascendant third party – “The people I spoke to said, ‘Yeah, I’d be happy to belong to a party that addressed my concerns even if I knew it might lose in the short term,’” says Declan – as well as early 2024 contenders and the validity of the “Red Dog Democrat” theory.

Show Notes:

Declan’s page at The Dispatch

“Hey, egghead, sing ‘Fair Harvard!’”

Declan: “Is it Time for the Republican Party to Split Apart?”

Steve Scalise won’t say the election wasn’t stolen

Trump’s attack on Mitch McConnell

Republican loyalty to Trump

Mitt Romney says Trump is already a 2024 frontrunner

Maine and Alaska should watch out for unintended consequences

Bill Kristol: “What About Joe?”

Tim Miller: “The Trade: Meet the New Red Dog Democrats”

Mitt Romney and Tom Cotton propose a minimum wage hike

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