The Reality Rebellion

Slate’s Will Saletan joins The Remnant once again to discuss Trump’s lunatic lawsuit against big tech, Biden’s first six months, and the endless debate over critical race theory in education. Plus, in a shocking turn of events, Will challenges Jonah on his oft-repeated line that America has two minority parties, instead arguing that both Democrats and Republicans are engaging in a war on reality fueled by the strangeness of the internet. Be ready with your bingo cards, because Jonah’s references to defunding the police, the term “Latinx,” and the annoyingness of teachers’ unions arrive at an unprecedented rate.

Show Notes:

Will’s page at Slate

Will on Trump’s crusade against democracy

Trump’s insane press conference

Jonah: “Yes, progressives. You really do need Joe Manchin”

Yesterday’s “news”letter

Tourism in 2021

“The American Mythology of Racial Progress”

Trigger warnings are triggering

Facebook’s astonishing list of genders

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