The Show Jack Built

Braving the sweltering heat and practical limitations of the AEI podcasting studio, Jack Butler, the original Smithers to Jonah’s Monty Burns, makes his return to the Remnant to discuss the state of conservatism among young people. He and Jonah journey deep into the psyche of the hyper-online right, answering just about every question you could possibly have about the alt-right’s favorite thinkers and the appeal of pre-modern LARPing. What do national conservatives and integralists really want? Do any of them actually believe what they’re saying? And most importantly, can you argue with a Buick?

Show Notes:

Jack’s author page at National Review

Jack explains Bronze Age Pervert

Jack: “9/11: An Atrocity Misused”

Lighten up, Francis…

Michael Anton’s review of Bronze Age Mindset

Burke’s “Birds of Prey” Speech

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