The Talented Mr. Madison

Historian and AEI fellow Jay Cost is back on The Remnant to discuss his new biography of James Madison, which focuses on the political theory of Jonah’s favorite Founding Father. Jay and Jonah fuse rank punditry with historical nerdery to explore how a little Madisonian wisdom could go a long way toward solving our most pressing institutional challenges. What are the greatest misconceptions about Madison and the founding? How should the Declaration of Independence be understood? And could American politics use more smoke-filled rooms?

Show Notes:

Jay’s page at AEI

Jay’s previous Remnant appearance

Jonah and Jay on AEI’s Viewpoint

James Madison: America’s First Politician

Jay previews the book in the Wall Street Journal

Jay’s previous book, The Price of Greatness

Federalist 10

Polybius (the historian, not the mythical video game)

Jefferson and Madison on Malthus

Why Nations Fail

Inventing Freedom, by Daniel Hannan

The Remnant with Steve Teles

Jonah: “That Shor Sounds Good”

The Remnant with Mike Duncan

The Webster-Hayne debate

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