We Can Work It Out

Heroic wonksplainer Scott Lincicome is back on the Remnant to discuss his new book, Empowering the American Worker: Market‐​Based Solutions for Today’s Workforce, which examines what effective pro-worker policies should look like in today’s political climate. Predictably, things get nerdy, as the conversation explores education policy, the demands of urban living, and the great vampire-werewolf debate (tune in for clarification). Where is the government going wrong in its approach to the workforce? Can relying on the free market ever create problems? And how bullish should we be about remote work?

Show Notes:

Scott’s newsletter, Capitolism

Scott’s new book, Empowering the American Worker

Scott previews the book in The Dispatch

The Remnant with Russ Roberts 

Ryan Streeter: “Place and the Pursuit of Happiness, Upward Mobility and the American Dream”

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