What About the Toaster?

At the end of an especially busy week in pundit-world, Jonah sits down with us all to ruminate on some of the more noteworthy topics that may have flown by too quickly to actually wrap one’s brain around them. On the docket: The final debate, some useful counter-programming on the Biden email hullabaloo, getting (erm…) a “grip” on Jeffrey Toobin, and much more. Plus, Jonah has some more evergreen thoughts on the gradual defining down of conservatism, and what the G-File has meant to him after all these years.

Show Notes:

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The Dispatch’s final debate wrap-up

Star Trek: “Patterns of Force”

This week’s G-File

The “MacronLeaks”

The Editors podcast talking about the Biden email scandal

The members-only (so to speak) Midweek Epistle

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