Where Do We Go Now?

Jonah the Globetrotter has once again scattered to the four winds, temporarily leaving The Remnant once more in the capable hands of David French. Today, David speaks with his good friend Yascha Mounk, contributor to The Atlantic and founder of Persuasion. Mounk talks us through the current conditions within mainstream media outlets and how those institutions have the opportunity to lower the temperature of American discourse now that Trump is leaving office. David also talks about how a Biden administration might be expected to behave, and Yascha mentions that much of the conventional wisdom about the presidential election results are not only misguided, but that they often “underestimate the intelligence of the American people.”

Show Notes:

David’s newsletter, The French Press

Yascha’s new publication, Persuasion

David Shor’s 2020 postmortem

The earliest mention of “nutpicking” that the Remnant crew could find

Jonathan Haidt’s Heterodox Academy

“Beirut on the Charles”

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