Dobbs v. Jackson

A Close Look at the Texas Abortion Controversy

The case involved a health condition that threatened the unborn child’s life, but not the mother’s.

Roe-ing Against the Tide

Abortion once again costs Republicans electoral victories in the states.

Why the Pro-Life Movement Wasn’t Ready for a Post-Roe World

Dobbs represented a remarkable legal victory, but the anti-abortion cause has struggled to win hearts and minds.

‘Life’ and Death

Did Dobbs backfire?

The Feds’ Family Planning Program, Explained

Title X has become a political football in recent years, with far-reaching implications for contraception and abortion.

Republican Women’s Complex Views on Abortion

One year after Dobbs, women in the GOP hold wide-ranging opinions.

Dobbs Worked, Dobbs Is Working

Taking a long view of how the decision affected, and is affecting, American politics.