Fox News

Beer Track and Meth Track

Right-wing media is preemptively whitewashing a second Trump presidency.


Cable news has never seemed less relevant.

Fox’s Reckoning

A post-Tucker Carlson crisis.

Tucker’s Matrix

Tucker Carlson thinks he’s the last honest man, and he’ll lie to prove it.

The Discrimination Lawsuit Against Fox News, Explained

A former booker for Tucker Carlson makes serious allegations against the network.

Tucker Carlson Out at Fox News

Plus: Mortgage fee changes burn better borrowers.

Tuckered Out

Be careful what you wish for.

Our Best Stuff From the Week Fox News Paid Up

Reaction to the network’s settlement with Dominion Voting Systems.

Fact Check: Tucker Carlson Cites False Ukrainian Casualty Numbers

The numbers cited by the Fox News Host are fabricated.

Pillows Full of Cash

Fox News pays up to keep any further dirty laundry from being aired in court.

No Regrets

Would Fox News do anything differently?

Malice Toward All?

Whatever happens in Dominion’s lawsuit against Fox, it has exposed the network’s contempt for its viewers.

Dominion v. Fox News: A Good Case, But Not a Slam Dunk

The Supreme Court’s ‘actual malice’ standard is a high bar to clear.

Our Best Stuff on Tucker Carlson, the CHIPS Act, and 2024

Plus: It’s been three years since the pandemic got real.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Fox, January 6, and the unknowable truth.