Free Speech

What Really Went Wrong In the Antisemitism Hearings

While university presidents lacked principled defiance, GOP officials embraced political theater. A 20th-century university leader shows a better path.

No, There Is No ‘First Amendment Right’ to Block a Roadway

A tweet from the account of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport contains inaccurate information.

Speaking Freely About Free Speech

Free speech matters a lot, but so do some other things.

On Campus Speech, We Need a Return to First Principles

The alternative to robust free speech norms is an unfettered scramble for political spoils.

Civil Liberties Don’t Impede the Common Good—They Advance It

A look back at Robert P. George’s ‘Making Men Moral’ on its 30th anniversary.

A New Organization Enters the Battle Over Academic Freedom

The American Academy of Sciences and Letters hopes to reform academia from within and from the outside.

Is Cancel Culture Just a Problem or a Five-Alarm Fire?

A review of Greg Lukianoff and Rikki Schlott’s ‘The Canceling of the American Mind.’

Social Justice for Me, Not Thee

How can so many campus activists give the Hamas attacks a moral pass while screaming inclusion from the rooftops?

Democracy and the Golden Rule

And what it means for freedom of speech and expression.

Student Debt Cancellation, Canceled

Plus: SCOTUS rules for a Christian website designer in a free speech case.

Elon, You Have Much To Learn About Free Speech

An open letter to the owner of Twitter.

Jive Turkey

Elon Musk’s unseriousness about free speech laid bare.

Buzzed on Coffee and Double Standards

On the inverted pyramid of concern.

The Free Speech Switcheroo

It used to be conservatives asking, ‘Is the juice worth the squeeze?’

Biden’s Misguided Call for Internet Regulation

Going after Big Tech by reforming Section 230 and limiting data collection would stunt American technological innovation.

Elon Bought Twitter. So What?

Nothing will change. Well, not much.