Future of the GOP

The Agonizingly Low Stakes of Today’s Vote for House Speaker

It’s a bad job at a bad time for the party.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. (Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images.)

How to Elect a Speaker 

Kevin McCarthy’s precarious path to power.

The GOP Braces for Divided Government—and a Divided Party

GOP centrists are trying to find their footing in a chaotic caucus.

Doomscrolling, Interrupted

A rough year for pessimists.

Lying Liars and the Party That Loves Them

Who would take Republicans seriously if they showed outrage about George Santos?

Maximum Chaos

Should Democrats rescue McCarthy?

Stirewaltisms: A Weakened Trump Will Draw More Challenges 

But that does not necessarily mean a quick 2024 GOP primary.

‘It’s Not a Threat. It’s Being on the Damn Team.’

Republican infighting over Kevin McCarthy’s speakership bid shows no signs of stopping.

The GOP’s Hope for a Flipped Senate Script

As Senate Democrats face a tough map in 2024, Republicans recalibrate their strategy.

Is Never Trump Forever?

Yes and no.

Will a New Price Cap on Russian Oil Work?

Plus: The implications of Georgia’s Senate runoff on the 2024 presidential race.

Walker Goes Down to Warnock

Why Georgia’s Senate runoff felt like a post-Trump election.

The GOP’s Primary Weakness

The nominating process has made the party too reliant on Donald Trump, and too cowardly to do anything about it.

House Republicans Begin to Pick Up the Pieces

GOP leaders find themselves with a slim majority—and questions about how to avoid disappointment again.

Silence Is Golden

Can DeSantis beat Trump by avoiding a war of words?

The Messy Speakership Battle to Come

Mystery candidates, McCarthy’s math, and how a compromise might emerge.