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Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Andrew Egger, David M. Drucker, and Michael Warren offer a heavily reported look at what’s going on in the parties’ struggle for political power, from the campaign trail to the White House.

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A Closer Look at Donald Trump’s Rhetoric of Retribution

The former president is running first and foremost to punish his enemies.

Chris Christie Predicts Political ‘Fallout’ for Trump’s Trials

The former New Jersey governor talks to Dispatch Politics about his path to the nomination.

Handicapping the 2024 Senate Map

Prepare for a real battle for control of the upper chamber next year.

DeSantis PAC Touts Turnout Efforts in Iowa

Plus: After denunciations from Rep. Chip Roy, House GOP hastens to highlight its current-Congress accomplishments.

Dean Phillips Giving It the College Try in New Hampshire

Plus: A super PAC is going big to give Nikki Haley a ‘strong showing.’

After Abortion Losses, Pro-Life Groups Fear GOP Retreat

Plus: The Biden campaign begins targeting Trump by name.

Is Tim Scott Running on Fumes?

After the debate in Miami, the South Carolina senator remains stuck behind.

A Banner Off-Year Election Night For Democrats

Youngkin faces disaster in Virginia as abortion boosts Democrats almost everywhere.

Abortion On the Ballot in Tomorrow’s Off-Year Elections

Plus: Biden’s poll numbers set off alarm bells among Democrats.

The GOP Majority Runs Through New York

Empire State Republicans move to expel Rep. George Santos to protect their turf in Congress.

Republican Superdonor Miriam Adelson Is Back

Plus: Mike Johnson beefs up his fundraising operation.

Mike Pence Bows Out

The former vice president urged American leadership in the world in his Republican primary valediction.

A Speaker, if the House Can Keep Him

Plus: Joe Biden draws a primary challenger, Rep. Dean Phillips.

Will South Carolina Even Matter?

Plus: A bedraggled House GOP hopes Rep. Mike Johnson can fix its speaker logjam.

A Republican’s Defense of Arizona’s Election Integrity

Plus: House Republicans will try once again to find a speaker who can win.

The House Speaker Fiasco Keeps on Going

Plus: Republican candidates split between Nevada’s primary and caucus.