January 6

‘I Got Mine’

Principle and post-liberalism.

On Protests in China, Is Less More?

Plus: Kevin McCarthy mulls the math for his speakership bid, and what comes next for the January 6 committee.

What We’ve Learned in Previous January 6 Hearings

The work of the House committee investigating the Capitol attack is wrapping up.

Oath Keepers Face Trial This Week for Seditious Conspiracy in January 6 Plot

The case will be the first for seditious conspiracy in 10 years: A Dispatch Explainer.

The Speech That Saved the Nation in 1877

With the outcome of the 1876 election up in the air months after Election Day, Sen. Roscoe Conkling delivered an address that helped ward off an electoral crisis.

A Timeline of What Trump Did—and Didn’t Do—on January 6

The January 6 committee details the president’s lack of response to the riots at the Capitol.

From Election Conspiracies to Armed Mob

The House committee investigating January 6 details the link between the White House and the march on the Capitol.

January 6 Hearings Become Fundraising Fodder

Republicans and Democrats see the proceedings as an opportunity to raise small-dollar donations from voters.

The Huge Political Mistake the January 6 Committee Could Easily Avoid

Rarely has so much passion and studied seriousness been devoted to the trivial issue of a congressional criminal referral.

‘Let’s Understand What Happened’

Rep. Liz Cheney joins Dispatch Live to preview the January 6 committee hearings.