January 6

Fact Checking Vivek Ramaswamy’s Claims About January 6 Defendants

No, peaceful protesters are not being ‘imprisoned without bail.’

Vivek Ramaswamy’s Garbled January 6 Hypothesis, Explained

Trying to perform the vice president’s role ‘very differently’ than Mike Pence would not have gotten very far.

In Defense of Disenfranchisement

People who demonstrate utter contempt for the law should not be making laws.

 Trump’s Trial Logistics, Explained

Holding four trials in four jurisdictions—each one featuring the most famous defendant in the world—may turn out to be a scheduling nightmare.

We’re Not Coming All The Way Back From This

On the Trump indictment. The latest one.

The New Trump Indictment Is Less Clear Cut

Yet the politics seem straightforward.

January 6’s Intelligence Failures

They were not solely the domain of the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.

Pence’s January 6 Defense

Plus, Nikki Haley offers her refined version of MAGA.

Turning Villains Into Victims

Tucker Carlson pandered to Donald Trump’s most deplorable supporters.

Pence Tries to Have It Both Ways Regarding January 6

He says history will hold Donald Trump responsible, but he has little interest in helping history reach its conclusion.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Fox, January 6, and the unknowable truth.

Learning From Mistakes

Lately one party has done a better job of it than the other.

Gearing Up for the Tucker Tapes

Plus: A look at lawmakers fighting isolationism as the war in Ukraine enters its second year.

‘I Got Mine’

Principle and post-liberalism.

On Protests in China, Is Less More?

Plus: Kevin McCarthy mulls the math for his speakership bid, and what comes next for the January 6 committee.