Tim Keller’s Quiet Revival and My Place Between Two Worlds

The pastor helped millions reclaim a faith that was connected to its past but alive in the present.

The Passing of America’s Pastor

Tim Keller possessed a unique blend of pastoral gentleness and theological rigor.

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Emotionalism can lead believers away from faithful living, rather than toward it.

Who Are These ‘Cultural Christians’?

Christian sensibility, but without the belief, is very little more than niceness inflated to the point of metaphysical comedy.

Reason’s Pope

The intellectual legacy of Benedict XVI will long outlive him.

Christianity Is Political, But Not in the Way You Think

Debates about Christian nationalism often misunderstand the fundamental role of the church.

Pastors Are Ceding the Pulpit on Immigration

The stakes are too high for them to stay silent.

Mormons and Gentiles and Jews and Gentiles

Is there an LDS voting bloc? 

The Spiritual Lessons of a Christian Nationalist Military Defeat

Power corrupts, Christendom clashes with Christianity, and brutality isn’t strength.

When Culture Wars Go Way Too Far

State efforts to break families over transgender issues threaten foundational American rights.

A Short Story of Men

The crisis of masculinity is rooted in technology, but can be resolved through relationships.

Christian Political Ethics Are Upside Down

We’re adamant about politics and flexible about virtue.

There Is No Remaining Christian Case for Trump

Trump discipled the church more than the church discipled Trump.

The God Gap Helps Explain a ‘Seismic Shift’ in American Politics

The most important religious divide isn't between right and left, but between left and left

An American Inquisition

Our partisan factions' hunt for political heretics is growing more mainstream.

Christianity and American Identity

An excerpt from The Religion of Greatness.