A Day at the Million MAGA March

Rallies have always been the lifeblood of Donald Trump’s campaign strategy. To the president and his staunchest supporters, the often-raucous events were the secret sauce that propelled him to his surprise victory in 2016. But even after most networks called the race for Joe Biden, MAGA sentiment prevails among the president’s biggest fans. 

Thousands of Trump supporters flocked to Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. on Saturday to protest the mainstream media, rail against the Democratic Party, and contest President Trump’s electoral defeat to Joe Biden. The rally was reportedly an amalgamation of several different grassroots events that circulated online before November 14, including “March for Trump,” “Stop the Steal,” and the “Million MAGA March.” 

The event kicked off at Freedom Plaza at noon on Saturday and featured a litany of GOP firebrand speakers, including newly elected Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene from Georgia’s 14th District. “You see, I’m not a politician—I’m a proud American woman,” Greene said during her speech, shouting over a nearby “BLM sucks” chant. “The Democrat Party is no longer an American party. They’re the party of socialism! The party of riots! The party of burning businesses! The party of AOC’s Green New Deal!” The prospect of environmental progressive takeover prompted a loud chorus of boos from the crowd.

Almost all of the rally attendees The Dispatch interviewed said they believe Trump won the election. Many cited debunked conspiracy theories, a few believed that God had chosen Trump, and all were worried about a Biden administration implementing socialism.

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