Can Ron Johnson Ride ‘Election Integrity’ To Re-Election In Wisconsin?

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Wisconsin—The Washington County Fair is a prime opportunity for politicians on the stump ahead of the state’s August 9 primaries.

With a backdrop of the sounds of chattering families, bustling food vendors, and live music, and the smells of deep frying meat, powdered sugar, and perspiration, candidates for state and local offices turn out to shake the hands of as many potential voters as possible and hear what is on their minds.

GOP Senator Ron Johnson dropped by the last week of July to do just this. On Tuesday, voters will weigh in on a consequential Senate contest and gubernatorial election. Down ballot, there is also the state assembly, attorney general, and secretary of state races.

Johnson, who is running unopposed, quickly attracted a crowd around the fair’s GOP booth. After posing for pictures, his campaign staff sent constituents away sporting green and white Ron Johnson stickers. Moments later, during his circuit around the rest of the booths, a couple came up for a picture, then lingered to voice some of their concerns.

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