Harvest Prude

Harvest is a reporter for The Dispatch. She previously covered politics for WORLD Magazine.

Harvest Prude

Refugee Admissions Still Slumping Under Biden

Lawmakers and advocates lament historically low numbers, despite the president’s promises to the contrary.

The Social Security Impasse

A bipartisan group of senators ponders shoring up the program—but political will is limited.

Florida’s E-Verify Push, Explained

Gov. Ron DeSantis wants to go further in cracking down on illegal employment in the state.

America’s Child Labor Problem

No one knows how big the problem has become, complicating eradication efforts: A Dispatch Explainer.

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court Slugfest

A state supreme court race will determine the ideological balance of the court, with ramifications for the next decade.

Will Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Stand?

The Supreme Court considers the program Tuesday.

Another Biden Immigration Plan That Looks a Lot Like Trump’s

President Joe Biden’s plan for asylum likely faces the same legal problems Donald Trump’s did in 2020.

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Is Benjamin Netanyahu Undermining Israeli Democracy?

The new government’s plans to reshape the judiciary have intensified already deep polarization: A Dispatch Explainer.

Lawmakers Ask if U.S. Companies Helped Develop China’s Spy Balloon

Plus: More congressional scrutiny on China and high-profile House GOP hearings.

The Immigration Battles Begin

Lawmakers hear from law enforcement leaders about challenges at the U.S.-Mexico border.