Harvest Prude

Harvest is a reporter for The Dispatch. She previously covered politics for WORLD Magazine.

Harvest Prude

Does a New Immigration Reform Bill Have a Chance?

A proposal splitting the difference between Republicans and Democrats faces steep odds.

The Biden Administration’s New Border Plan, Explained

The president’s new strategy relies on Latin America to relieve immigration bottlenecks.

The GOP Takes an Immigration Victory Lap

House Republicans pass their border bill despite intraparty drama.

Legitimizing an Iran-Backed Terrorist

A U.S. diplomat spoke at the same conference as Qais al-Khazali, who masterminded a 2007 attack that killed five U.S. soldiers.

Covering Afghanistan in Exile

Afghan journalists launch a news organization to cover their home country from afar.

The Discrimination Lawsuit Against Fox News, Explained

A former booker for Tucker Carlson makes serious allegations against the network.

Fox News Reaches Eye-Popping Settlement With Dominion Voting Systems

Plus: U.S. Shuts Down CCP Harassment of Chinese Dissidents.

Beijing’s American Hostages

What will happen to those detained as U.S.-China relations deteriorate further?

Cracking Down on Immigration or Religious Liberty?

A group of evangelicals says a sweeping immigration proposal in Florida would trample their ministry.

Lawmakers Eye a Fix for Child Labor Problems

A new bipartisan bill would up civil fines for the first time in 85 years.