The Bucha Massacre and the Horrors to Come

What the Russians might do next and how the West can help Ukraine stop them.

Keep an Eye on Kherson

With the Russians retreating from areas like Kyiv and Chernihiv, what will happen in the territories they still hold?

Ukraine Strikes Back

Expect Russia to use it as an excuse for renewed escalation.

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Russia’s New ‘Limited Strategy’ Doesn’t Mean Less War

Until Putin is convinced that peace is in his interests, he won’t stop fighting.

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What to Make of Russia’s Saber-Rattling Toward Poland

Dmitry Medvedev has published an anti-Polish screed and Russian propagandists are suggesting Poland might stage a false-flag operation.

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Just How Many Russian Soldiers Have Died in Ukraine?

How to understand wildly different estimates from Ukraine, the West, and Russia itself—and what to make of a pro-Putin tabloid claiming it was hacked.

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A Retired Ukrainian Naval Commander on What Its Navy Has—and What It Needs

Capt. Andrii Ryzhenko was also an assistant minister of defense in 2020.

Putin Plays the Victim Card

And in the process, he reveals a huge hypocrisy in his case for war on Ukraine.

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Signs of Resistance From Occupied Areas in Ukraine

It is nearly impossible for Western or Ukrainian journalists to get behind the lines. But we’re getting some peeks from social media.

Putin’s Conscript Problem

After he denied that Russian draftees were fighting in Ukraine, military officials said otherwise. It exacerbates an already sensitive issue.