Bob Driscoll

Bob Driscoll

What the Voting Rights Act Does—and Doesn’t—Do

And why it's not racist to oppose the Biden administration's voting reform legislation.

Are Mandatory Masks in Schools a Civil Right?

Using federal law to override state and local policy decisions would start a dangerous trend.

‘Varsity Blues’ Was a Perfect Storm of Desperation and Corruption

A new book sheds light on morally vacant parents, a corrupt consultant, and a long-broken college admissions process.

Police Reform Won’t Happen Overnight

Even though a consensus is building around the idea that change is needed, the best solutions take time.

When the Law Doesn’t Contain All the Answers

Even if the legal system convicts one officer of one crime, that does not relieve us of our responsibility to confront our country’s truth about race.

Who’s Up for a Little Voluntary Price Gouging?

Here’s a novel idea to help your favorite small business.