Kevin Carroll

Kevin Carroll served as senior counsel to Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly (2017-18) and House Homeland Security Committee chairman Peter King (2011-13), and a CIA and Army officer.

Kevin Carroll

The National Guard Is Not the Answer to the Migrant Crisis

It’s not only profoundly unwise, it could alienate Americans against the armed forces.

Sherman’s Hard Truths About War Ring True Today 

The Civil War general’s experiences offer important lessons for critics of Israel’s military tactics.

Conspiracy Theorists Need Not Apply

Vivek Ramaswamy’s comments about the 9/11 terror attacks show he’s not fit for public office.

Special Operations Forces Aren’t the Answer for Fighting Cartels

An existing program is safe, effective—and vastly under-resourced.

An Unthinkable Choice

Donald Trump’s advisers would have put the U.S. military in the position of defying orders or turning their weapons on civilians.

Can the CIA Fix Its Workplace Sexual Violence Problem?

The agency has taken steps to address its mishandling of assault claims, but it warrants independent scrutiny.

How to Prevent Future Intelligence Leaks

Americans are out of patience after deadly revelations by malcontents.

The National Security Implications of Charles McGonigal’s Arrest

The case shows how the government is falling short in monitoring the actions of former agents and officers.

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Could Putin Do the Unthinkable?

Use of weapons of mass destruction would create America’s greatest national security crisis in living memory.

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How Al-Qaeda Facilitates Attacks From Within Prisons

In seeking to free Aafia Siddiqui, the synagogue hostage taker reminds us that the terror group began as a prison movement.