Fact Check

Did Arizona Poll Workers Give Out Sharpies To Prevent Votes From Being Registered?

The state’s tabulating machines can read Sharpie ink just fine.

Fact Check: Sean Hannity Takes a Tweet by Rep. Ilhan Omar Out of Context

Minnesota has same-day voter registration.

Did a Poll Worker in Pennsylvania Throw Away Trump Ballots?

The Erie County Voter Registration Office says the man behind a viral post is not registered in the state.

Are Doctors Profiting by Reporting That ‘Everybody Dies of COVID’?

Hospitals do get a premium for treating COVID patients but there is no evidence deaths are being inflated.

Did Joe Biden Not Wear a Mask on a Plane?

A viral photograph is from November 2019, before the pandemic.

Did ‘Almost Nobody’ Show Up to a Kamala Harris Event in North Carolina?

The campaign stop was not open to the public.

Did YouTube Remove Tucker Carlson’s Full Interview With Tony Bobulinski?

Fox News’s excerpt is still available. One video was blocked by Fox News itself over copyright infringement.