Stirewalt on Politics

Chris Stirewalt, a political news veteran, uses his decades of experience to provide context (and some humor) when explaining what happened this week in national politics.

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Will the Haley Voters Come Back in November?

And what will loyal but non-MAGA voters do?

Can Haley Wake Them Up in South Carolina?

Today’s primary will reveal if voters are growing weary of the outrages of Trump and Trumpism.

Biden and the Blank Space 

Progressive activists in Michigan are mounting a write-in campaign for ‘uncommitted.’

A 10-Word Epitaph for Democrats’ Hopes

Special counsel Robert Hur says the quiet part out loud.

Joe Biden Confronts a Weakened Coalition

South Carolina may be less dramatic this time for the incumbent, but it will still matter.

The Number That Will Forecast Biden’s Fate

Keep an eye on economic growth.

A Unitary GOP Moves to Crush Haley

Trump the man has seldom been worse, but his team is running a masterful campaign.

What Does The Deep-Freeze Turnout Mean for Iowa?

A low-turnout caucus? I’m in love.

Forget About Forgetting January 6

Try as he might, Donald Trump can’t erase the sacking of the Capitol from Americans’ minds.

Give That Man a Ham

Congratulations to our first-ever Cutline of the Year honoree.

Master of Puppets

Vivek Ramaswamy is a lousy presidential candidate but he's feeding the base what it wants to hear.

You’ll Be Back, Dummies

How the former president outrages the media and wins over the anti-anti-Trumpers.

DeSantis and Haley on Collision Course

The debate will tell us a lot about the Florida governor’s future.

Nikki Haley’s Unproven Reserves

The GOP contentender has had a good few weeks, but can she keep making gains?

Recall or Referendum?

What the off-year election tells us about 2024.

No Easy Out for Trump Foes

Trying to remove the former president from the ballot is folly.