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Palestinian Political Leader Claims Hamas Has Attacked ‘Mainly’ Military Establishments

Hundreds of civilians are among the dead and kidnapped.

A Viral Video Distorts the Truth About Ukraine Conscripting Women

Only women with medical education are required to register for military service.

Fact-Checking Claims About British Troops Headed to Ukraine

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has walked back comments by the U.K. defense secretary.

Conspiracy Theories Spread Online About FEMA Emergency Alert Test

Some say it will trigger reactions among vaccinated individuals.

Wind Turbines Are Likely Not Behind a Spike in Whale Deaths

Researchers are yet to find evidence linking increased whale mortalities with offshore wind turbines.

Did Venezuela Free Prisoners So They Could Infiltrate the United States?

A viral video uses legitimate footage to make a false claim.

Footage Depicting Combat Between Russia and Ukraine Is Actually From Video Games

Facebook users are sharing the clips as though they are real.

Claims That Ukraine Wants to Extradite Refugees Are Russian Disinformation

An emerging narrative exemplifies the complexities of Russian propaganda.

Fact Check: Did NATO Just Place 300,000 Troops on High Alert After a Biden Gaffe?

The toops were placed on alert more than a year ago, and not in response to a statement from the president.

Checking the Record on Trump’s Statements About Ron DeSantis and COVID Lockdowns

The former president is criticizing the Florida governor for decisions he once praised.

Fact Checking Vivek Ramaswamy’s Claims About January 6 Defendants

No, peaceful protesters are not being ‘imprisoned without bail.’

False Claims About the 9/11 Pentagon Attack Continue to Circulate Online

Photo, video, and eyewitness accounts all tell the same story.

No, Biden Did Not Visit Ground Zero on September 12, 2001

He participated in a Senate session in Washington that day.

Yes, Mortgage Rates Have Gone Up During the Biden Presidency. Here’s Why.

The pandemic had something to do with it, but so did policy.

Yes, the House Voted on Articles of Impeachment for President Biden. But Not in a Way That Really Matters.

The resolution that passed merely forwarded a resolution by Lauren Boebert to committee for review.

Fact Checking Claims About a Coup in Belarus

Reports of organized political opposition and the overthrow of Lukashenko’s government are unfounded.