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Fact Check: Justin Bieber’s Facial Paralysis not Vaccine-Related

A satirical news story fooled some social media users.

Fact Check: Pete Buttigieg Didn’t Say ‘High Gas Prices Are Forcing People to Electric Vehicles’

A viral tweet provides a misleading summary of the transportation secretary’s comments during an interview.

Fact Check: Are Democrats ‘Poised to Win’ Ohio and Florida Senate Races?

Nancy Pelosi misrepresents polling numbers.

Fact Check: COVID Vaccines Don’t Result in Male Infertility

A Gateway Pundit article misrepresents a recent study.

Fact-Checking Day 2 of the January 6 Hearings

Revisiting many of the "Stop the Steal" hits from the 2020 election.

Fact Checking Joe Biden’s Claims on the Gun Industry

The president made a misleading statement about immunity for gun manufacturers.

Fact Check: Was the Georgia Gubernatorial Primary Rigged?

A former White House correspondent misrepresents information about Gov. Brian Kemp’s victory.

Fact Checking Claims About the Border Patrol and the Uvalde School Shooting

Viral social media posts claim that the Uvalde, Texas, school shooter was killed by an ...

Fact Check: A Viral Tweet About Early Retirement Is Satire

The tweet mocked those who proclaim their wealth is self-made when it’s not.