Anatomy of an Airline Debacle

It’s awful, sure, but Southwest has little reason to care about the average flier.

Metro Cons

America’s ‘urban-rural divide’ is more fiction than fact.

Two Cheers for Techno-Marxism

Bear with me …

The Clock is Ticking for TikTok

U.S. policymakers are getting more assertive in their efforts to rein in the Chinese social media platform.

A Guide to Guns

Frequently asked questions about gun policy.

Title 42 In Limbo

Border communities brace for impact as the Supreme Court prepares to decide whether to end the pandemic-era immigration restriction.

Congress to Send Spending Bill to Biden’s Desk

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By Arming Ukraine We Arm Ourselves

Remembering the lessons of World War II.

The Alternative to Winning in Ukraine Is Endless War

Advocates for a hasty peace are wrong to think Russia will keep its promises or stop with Ukraine.

The FTC’s Misguided Case Against Meta

Its attempt to block the acquisition of a virtual-reality app maker is more about going after Big Tech than about protecting consumers.

Party Crasher

Zelensky puts the new House Republican majority on the spot.

Do It for the Kids

How regulations and tariffs make life more expensive for American families.

Why Can’t the Senate Pass Popular Bills?

This week’s massive omnibus bill includes one of the most important election bills in a generation: A Dispatch Explainer.

Elon for a Day

How the Twitter czar is like Xi Jinping.

Did the FBI’s Involvement With Twitter Violate the First Amendment?

The government has a right to convince, but it cannot coerce.

Rep. Mike Gallagher’s Plans for the Select Committee on China

Hearings, legislative priorities, and some outside-the-box ideas.